Welcome to Get your FREE consultation today! LB Tech Solutions We will arrange your meeting with one of our top IT consultants at a time and place of your choice to discuss your requirements and explain how our services can help you meet your organizational goals. Find Out More Let's Get Started Our 24/7 monitoring and real-time solution deployment help you avoid losing millions of dollars to ransomware, malware, and threats. With end-to-end cybersecurity services, we prevent cyberattacks before they can initiate a disaster and use our resources to identify gaps and secure entry points to protect your infrastructure. Cyber Security Let's Get Started We take the IT burden off your shoulders and enable you to focus on growing your business with fully managed IT services tailored to meet your needs. Working in outsourced and co-sourced capacity, we bring our decades of experience, smart infrastructure, and state-of-the-art resources to your business and empower it with 24/7 proactive IT monitoring, management, and maintenance. IT Support With our integrated, strong, and cloud-based telephony services, we are empowering your organizations with strong connections, undisruptive communications, and mitigating geographical distances with telephonic connections. Powered by our NOC, we offer secure telephone connections, ensure maximum uptime and optimum performance with flexibility to scale up or down as your needs change. Let's Get Started Telephony

We Are Your IT Team

We are helping businesses and organisations in the UK grow beyond bounds with our Managed IT services and innovative solutions.  With our fully managed services, we are dedicated to help your business harness the powers of technology and thrive in an evolving tech environment.  Committed to not only managing your IT but taking responsibility for it, we consult, understand, develop, and deliver customised IT solutions to meet the needs of your company, no matter what they are.

Empowering Your Organisation With Tailored IT Solutions That Grow With You

Whether you want to outsource all your IT tasks or want a team of experienced professionals to work in a co-sourced capacity, you can count on us to integrate seamlessly with your business, develop tailored solutions and offer enterprise-level support that gets you by all the problems, without having to go through them.  Backed by Azure and AWS, we are using the unbound potential of these technologies and helping your business reach unprecedented levels with cloud computing.

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What Can We Do For Your Business?

We Can Enhance Your Work Productivity

With our cybersecurity, backup, network management, monitoring, and maintenance services, we ensure that there is no downtime or data loss to inhibit your employees’ work productivity and that your business runs on optimum efficiency.


We Put the Right Resources in the Right Places

Our decades of experience in the IT industry have enabled us to understand what resources are needed and when.  Working with us, you not only get the right resources deployed in the right places but also thrive on an infrastructure curated with your business’s goals and objectives in mind.


We Reduce Your Business Expenses

We have the complete infrastructure to manage your IT needs, all the hardware and the right human resources to support your business. We offer our services in consolidated, affordable, and flexible packages so you can invest in growing your business instead of investing in expensive IT hardware, software, infrastructure, and resources.

Proactive Support

We prevent problems before they turn into disasters.

With our proactive approach, we constantly monitor your system and deploy our teams in real-time whenever there is a threat to your uptime or security.



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