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5th May 2020

AI and Your Security

With all the fears of Skynet and thinking machines taking our jobs, lives, wives etc, companies like our partner Watchguard...
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27th April 2020

Open Data sharing by Microsoft

Data acquisition really started in earnest at the end of the 20th century, when Google started to win over other...
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27th March 2020

The Future of Homeworking

The ramifications for the post pandemic workplace
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10th March 2020

Phishing and Your Company

Phishing is the simplest way for a cybercriminal to get your personal information is by having your user give them their credentials and passwords, even worse if they are a privileged user.
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18th January 2020

Amazon scam warning: ‘Hang up immediately’ say police

Police forces around the UK are warning about a telephone scam that has tricked people out of hundreds of thousands of pounds...
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3rd June 2019

How Zero Trust improves security and the user experience

From Traditional to Zero Trust by Josh Green.
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10th December 2018

Sophisticated Android clickfraud apps pose as iPhone apps and devices

A collection of Android apps exhibit novel and innovative advertising fraud capabilities...
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