What you don’t know can really sting you in the modern world of cyber warfare, so the way to start protecting yourself is to start asking questions, and with our partners at ConnectWise we can offer you answers by utilising Risk Assessment (utilising an NIST Cybersecurity Framework*) across your entire business, not just the network. We provide an easy to understand risk report which will allow for meaningful dialogue to best protect your company.

The objective is to identify a prioritized, flexible, repeatable, performance-based, and cost-effective approach to keeping data secure. To mitigate against intrusion and protection of your data we offer a strategic assessment with easy to understand results and CISO recommended remediation, all backed up by NIST – and done by following the following five steps:

  • Identify – Vulnerability Management has become synonymous with frustration. Breaches often result from exploited vulnerabilities that are known, yet not patched. The compromise was avoidable. Why couldn’t we stop it? The problem stems from security attempting to manage a mountain of work they usually have little to no control over. However, while not sexy, the return on investment for VM is fantastic. A highly suggested option is to consider adopting a secure cloud-based file sharing solution. This will help your organisation align with Best Practices and make it easier to adhere to the NIST framework and safeguard your systems.
  • Protect – through the steps of identity management and access control, awareness and training, data security, information protection and protective technology. This includes such options as Multifactor Authentication, multiple authentication methods and control over access controls.
  • Detect – There are some cybersecurity breaches so covert that you aren’t even aware they have occurred. It can take weeks or months to identify a data breach. However, as part of the NIST framework, you need measures in place to detect a data breach as quickly as possible to prevent more damage from occurring. We offer proprietary Intrusion Detection and Prevention heuristics to immediately detect and blacklist any login attempted by unauthorized IP addresses. These IP addresses are added to a master list and offenders are blacklisted on every client solution.
  • Respond – However, despite your best efforts, a data breach can still occur. Perhaps an employee sent a sensitive file via email or a password was compromised. Regardless of the cause of the breach, you need a plan in place to respond immediately to what occurred and contain the incident. We will have procedures in place to respond quickly to any attempted breach of incident. This ensures that any hacker is stopped in their tracks, unable to steal more data from your organisation.
  • Recover – Disaster recovery is a key aspect of our framework. If a cybersecurity attack occurs and your organization has no disaster recovery methods in place, you could lose valuable data, in addition to valuable productive work time. This is where a secure file hosting solution pays for itself, with disaster recovery procedures and securely protected backup procedures

So, contact us today for a quote on how we can ensure you follow Cybersecurity Best Practices. It’s cheaper than you might imagine but will protect you from the rising tide of hackers (some now <possibly> government sanctioned in places such as China, North Korea and Russia) and potentially save you thousands in breached data.

* NIST: A voluntary government-based guideline consisting of standards and best in class to manage all cyber based risks.