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Network Operations Center

Network operations centers have become an integral part of IT management. These facilities are designed to monitor and manage networks, IT systems, and IT infrastructures for organisations around the world. As IT becomes more complex, it is essential that there is a designated area within your organization where all network-related services can be monitored in real-time. You need a partner who can help you keep it running smoothly, monitor for issues, and provide support when things go wrong.

We’re here to be that partner. When your business needs an extra hand with its IT infrastructure, turn to our team of Network Operations Centre specialists at LB Technology Solutions for reliable service on any device from anywhere in the world via phone, email, or remote desktop connection.

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24/7 remote access

We offer 24/7 remote access for our clients to have full control of your business.


Bulletproof ransomware protection with immutable backups functionality

Maintenance Checks

Effective capacity planning and forecasting to keep your IT needs in check


High Protection

LB Tech Solutions can help you protect your business from cybercriminals for less than 1% of that cost. We’ll make sure that your network is secure and monitored 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about anything but running your business.

Here are just a few of the ways we can help you stay ahead of hackers, criminals, and other bad guys online today:

Why Monitor

The NOC serves as the first line of defence against network disruptions and failures. Through the NOC organizations gain full visibility into their network, so they can detect anomalies and either take steps to prevent problems or quickly resolve issues as they emerge..

How To Monitor

This is certainly not an exhaustive list; but a quick look into four categories of tools one would likely find hard at work inside any high-performing NOC:

  • Network Management
  • Systems
  • Machine learning and automation
  • Ticketing
  • Reporting platforms


With industry leading tools and agents we are able to track, monitor and resolve issues as they arise.

Out Of Hours Maintenance

To minimise the disruption to your business our 24/7 team can schedule updates and maintenance outside of working hours thus reducing any disruption in line with any schedule proposed.

This could include update and security patching, firmware updates, infrastructure and server reboots along with a plethora of other maintenance task required by businesses to keep on top of the essential works.

24/7 Remediation

As we have a manned Network Operations Center and Security Operations Center we have the capability to begin remediation of issues as they arise (before offices even open) allowing for a prompt resolution of issues at times without the business even being aware that anything has transpired.

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Our vision is to support your business with a safe, secure, accessible, and optimal IT infrastructure. Find out we can fulfil your needs and budget.