Security Operations Centre

It is important to protect your company’s data, but you may not have enough money to hire a full-time security team. You can either pay an expensive monthly fee for a cloud-based service that offers limited protection, or you can try and do it yourself with open-source software. When it comes to cybersecurity, you can’t be too careful. Many operations centers are only open during the day and closed at night, but this is no longer enough for today’s modern world.

We understand how frustrating this situation is, so we decided to change things by offering our customers 24/7 SOC monitoring services at a much affordable price! Our 24/7 Security Operations Center will help protect your business against any intrusions or attacks that may occur when we’re not around!

Our experienced engineers are on call 24/7 and will be able to detect any suspicious activity in real-time using our proprietary detection algorithms. This way, we make sure that all your servers stay safe from cyber attacks without breaking the bank! Our SOC experts are highly trained in cybersecurity and incident response, so they will deal with any threat quickly and effectively. They also work closely with other IT departments within LB Technologies Group to ensure seamless integration between all aspects of IT. This means that regardless of the issue at hand, whether it’s a malware infection or data breach; our expert team will provide the support needed 24/7/365.